Vocal Profile

Dale Van Der Schaaf is a male voice talent with no union affiliations.

Voice Description

Deep • Resonant • Friendly • Smooth • Commanding to Sympathetic • Clear to Rustic • Sexy • Basso Profundo • Confident • Authoritative • Distinct

Industry Niches

Commercial, Narration, and Promos. A business guy with great pipes speaking clients' language - your revenue is top of the list.

Additional Interests

Quirky material : deciphered and delivered
Impersonations, Characters, Dialects, and Accents. Regional US accents : Southern, Texan, Midwestern, Northern Plains, NorDakota, Minnesota Swede and a bunch more rattling around in my brain.

Biography Dale Van Der Schaaf

I am from the Dakotas, Northern Plains - Midwesterner in birth, temperament, humor and work ethic. All moved with me 25 years ago to Las Vegas and then in ’93 to Denver.

For a couple of decades I ran large companies…but found my love of singing, public speaking and performing still tugged at me. Song and dance in college musicals, choirs and community follies. A recurring announcer gig for radio WELD (Moorefield, WV) as fund raiser MC for Jr. Chamber of Commerce.

I boast skills in public speaking as a Dale Carnegie graduate. Instructed 1500 MGM Sands employees in the The Pacific Institute’s Investment in Excellence course. MC’d numerous events and acted on camera for Hemmeter Enterprises training videos.

I honed my craft for the past year with the renowned Bill Smith at The Acting Studio in Denver where I study voice acting, The Lessac System and have expanded my vocal abilities.

Home Studio

Studio Capabilities

• Broadcast Quality Home Studio
    — for tight deadlines
• All standard file formats
• Delivery by email, FTP or CD
• Will travel to designated studios in my area

Studio Equipment

• Marshal MXL mic
• Centrance MicPort Pro
• SoundForge
• Acoustically treated studio

Rave Reviews

"It was all about your texture and acting skills…very little production needed. Would love to get you into the studio and work with you on other projects!!!

Thanks again sir, hope you like it as much as we do. (the other guy who does Prod here, Shaun Floyd loves it)"

— Sheesh

Zach "Sheesh" Gilltrap
Dir. of Image and Commercial Production for 102.3 ESPN
105.5 Jack FM & 87.7 ESPN Deportes


"We found Van to be easy to work with, a good communicator and, in the end he achieved the exact result we were looking for."

— John

John Almond
CEO Semper Solaris


Commercial — 1:30
ESPN — 0:30
Lexus — 0:30
Cub Creek Ranch — 0:39
J. Peterman — 0:25
Mercedes Benz — 0:15
Telephony — 0:16
Narration — 1:22


phone 303.918.9408

email van@dalevanderschaafvo.com

locale Denver


Big Fish Talent

Emily Rushing

phone 303.744.7170

email emily@bigfishtalent.com